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Durferrit do Brasil

Durferrit do Brasil Química LTDA is a multinational company, and subsidiary of the renowned Durferrit GmbH from Germany (www.durferrit.com), the greatest research, development and excellence pole in the world on modern and environment friendly technology of salts for thermal and thermochemical treatment, for more than 75 years.

We are responsible for the manufacturing and commercialization of products used by automotive, tools, aeronautic, aerospace, heat treatment, engine and transmission, machine components, chemical and rubber industries, among others.

Durferrit GmbH - Alemanha

Durferrit do Brasil is located in Diadema/SP, and has the ISO 9001:2008 certificate, which guarantees its efficient Quality Management System, always aiming at constant improvement.

As a global vision company, we have also been acting in the international market, providing salts and products for heat treatment to clients in several countries.

The use of Durferrit products, combined with our expertise and technical support in heat treatment, certainly provides the best solutions to our clients’ needs.

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